Scaling New Heights

Every summer the Hub team gets together for a day of bonding and learning. The venue this year… Up @ The O2!

The sun was shining, but the tension was palpable on Friday morning as we arrived at the O2 arena faced with the 190m long, blue walkway. Handed a waiver, we signed our lives away, then were ushered into a small holding room and shown a safety video before receiving ‘the equipment’ (a very sturdy harness and climb shoes to be exact) – off we go!

Led by our founder, Rebecca, we were each clipped onto the walkway and sent tentatively on our way – warned to ignore our inner child and not jump on the tensile fabric walk way. The initial climb was a 30-degree incline and certainly the toughest part, but once we were over the early exertion, we could start to look around and take in our surroundings. By supporting each other with words of encouragement we made it to the central point with 360 degree views across London, including the Olympic Park, Thames Barrier, Historic Royal Greenwich and Canary Wharf.

Now, I said the 30-degree incline was tough – we’d forgotten about the 30-degree decline on the other side. The instruction was to take a ‘wide-stance’ and lean back…oh how I would have loved to be on the end watching us all descend like we’d just dismounted a horse!

Then we were on the ground… we’d done it! Nothing helps you bond as team like a little bit of fear, and this was certainly a great bonding experience.

Well done to all Hubbies who were able to make it to this year’s Hub Day... maybe something a little closer to ground level next year!

Some facts about the O2:

  • There are 12 masts for each month of the year
  • The height at the most central point within the canopy is 52m – 1 for every week of the year
  • The diameter of the canopy is 365m – representing days of the year
  • Up @ The O2 launched in June 2012

Written by Carly Smith, Account Director

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