Let’s get hacking!

This November, it all kicked off in the growing world of eWholesale at Red Bull’s Digital Hackathon!

For those of you wondering what a hackathon is, think bigger, ask yourself what a Red Bull Hackathon is! More than just a project collaboration, we partnered with Wholesale News to invite expert wholesalers, researchers, and non-competing brands such as PepsiCo, Mars Wrigley and Diageo to come together and brainstorm the future of online wholesaling by working with videographers and graphic designers. With a group hashtag for social media, the #ewholesalehack was ready to commence.

The aim of the day was to deliver insight and inspiration that will benefit wholesalers and improve online shopping experiences. With this, participants were split into groups based on their skill sets and after listening to insightful presentations from HIM and Edge, each group was given a question to own:

Group 1: Depot: How will technology be used to connect the experience in depot?

Group 2: Digital Experience: What will the best in class digital customer experience look like?

Group 3: Convenience & Loyalty: What service offering will wholesalers need to offer in the future?

Along with cans of Red Bull, ideas were flowing around the room, leaving graphic designers busy with bringing these ideas to life ready for groups to use in their presentations. After two breakout sessions, the groups reconvened and presented their responses to judges from PepsiCo, Red Bull, HIM, FWD and Edge.

Stay tuned for the results of the day in the January edition of Wholesale News as well as video content and online editorial coming soon.

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